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aboutus_img1 Our team is capable of providing same day staffing if needed. Personalized assessment is always conducted by a Registered Nurse at no cost and a staff member is on call 24 hours every day. In order to ensure that the best home care services are provided in the State of Virginia, our employees go through a scrupulous selective hiring process before they gain employment. Premier Plus Homecare pays all salaries, taxes and insurance for its employees.

Who We Are

We are a private duty home care company that services hundreds of clients each year across Northern Virginia and surrounding counties. We are dedicated to providing in-home care to seniors and others who need help with challenges of daily living. Our goal is to allow people to stay in their own homes versus seeking other care alternatives.

We provide care that helps enrich our clients' lives and helps them maintain the highest possible level of independent living. We coordinate with Physicians, Therapists, Case Managers and Social Workers for a complete follow up on home care needs of our clients therefore keeping everyone well informed and in the loop.

Customized Care

At Premier Plus Homecare, we know that your home is where the quality of life is the greatest. As a result, our mission is to enrich, impact and enhance the lives of the individuals that we serve by providing quality In-Home Care. Regardless of whether you and your loved ones need extensive, long-term care or simply a break for family members who are primary caregivers, we are here for you. Our 24 hour, seven day a week staffing allows us to work closely with you to design a care program which meets your needs. Our patients and their families appreciate our flexibility.

Our Caregivers

Each and every one of our caregivers is special. They take joy in their ability to make a difference in their clients' lives and to help them live happy, independent lives in the comfort of their own homes. It's a mission of love and compassion. We understand that each person is different. That's why at Premier Plus each Caregiver is selected based on compatibility with a client to ensure the best possible match. Every Caregiver is carefully selected, screened and trained to provide capable and compassionate care for seniors and others who may need assistance. From extensive background checks and a careful screening process, to ongoing training and continuing education, we strive to offer the very best Caregiver for any specific individual or situation.

Complete Satisfaction

At Premier Plus Homecare, we aren’t happy until you and your loved ones are happy. Our professional staff will provide the very best in non-medical, home care. Our supervisory staff will conduct residential visits to make sure that your needs are being met; and make suggestions to improve the safety and well-being of our patients and their loved ones. We won’t stop working until you and your loved ones are delighted by our care.

There is a huge difference between providers of non-medical, home care. The importance of your health should not end at the hospital or doctors office. At Premier Plus Homecare, we are willing to offer you unparalleled attention, the best professional staff, and the promise that our family will not stop working until your family feels at home. There is no need too small for our staff. We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, working to fill your needs.

If you want to know more about us, please send us a message today. We will be happy to share to you our fond memories from our past clients for you.

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4008 Genesee Pl Ste 105
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Phone: (703) 580-8118
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